Statement of Support to La Enredadera de Tetuán

The different collectives and groups that sign this text want to show our sincere solidarity with Centro Social La Enredadera de Tetuán, currently threatened with forceful termination of activities by the City Council of Madrid.

Some of us have actively participated in La Enredadera for a number of years. Some others have being part of the countless activities and workshops organized publicly and free of charge in the space. Some others don’t have a direct relation with the Social Centre, but appreciate and support the invaluable work that La Enredadera has been doing in the district of Tetuán since 2009.

La Enredadera has been a meeting place for groups that have worked for the housing rights of everyone, food banks and collectives that fight for the rights of the underpriviledged; and since 2011 has warmly hosted the Popular Assembly of Tetuán and other groups related to the 15M movement. It has been a place for talks and activities against any form of discrimination and inequality, against racism and patriarchy, and that promote mutual aid and solidarity. We have also enjoyed being part of the dance lessons and cinema sessions, music workshops, arabic and english conversation classes, bikelab, computer, screen printing, yoga workshops… and countless other moments that have provided an invaluable opportunity to socialize and to share our thoughts, our aspirations, our hopes and fears, our lifes.

 A lot of us are nighbours in the district of Tetuán, and we feel La Enredadera as our space, as if it was our very own home. That’s why we want La Enredadera to keep going and offering itself to the people of Tetuan and Madrid, in the same way that it has been doing so far.

To join this statement: Send an email to with ADHESIÓN as subject.